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Teleplan Globe @ 5G World

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The 5G World Conference takes place in London this week and is one of the most significant conferences for next generation mobile communication and IoT.


"With LTE now deployed in nearly every major market, operators, vendors and consumers are already looking to 5G to help deliver the services expected in 2020 and beyond. 5G World 2016 will bring together telecom operators, solution providers and IoT specialists, to help evolve networks to achieve the 2020 vision." https://5gworldevent.com/

Teleplan Globe is known to be heavily involved in R&D projects and to be an early mover using the latest technology. Being one of the first companies to deliver radio planning tools for LTE, it will not be a surprise to anyone that we are already working on the new technologies.

The conference program is full of interesting topics such as "IoT Connect" and "Road to 5G" wich we will follow closely.


ASTRIX Mobile Network Planning System

Advanced Antenna Module

As mobile networks are getting more and more advanced and complex, ASTRIX now provides new antenna modelling features for planning advanced antenna configurations. For many of our customers this is absolutely crucial in order for them to handle the complexity.

Automatic Frequency Planning

As pressure on the natural resource of radio spectrum and licenses for radio frequencies are increasing, our customers benefit from new functionality to support Automatic Frequency Planning.

CARMEN Coverage Analysis for Radio Mesh and IoT Networks

The ultimate IoT communication planning tool for Smart Grid and other large communication infrastructure projects wich includes millions of devices. The advanced GIS framework together with powerfull and scalable Microsoft Azure backend, CARMEN scales with your project.

For more read the article from InterComms on smart planning in smart cities.

We are really looking forward to see you in London!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested to discuss, and to learn more about our solutions, and our applications. Simply click on the link below to book a meeting at the conference.

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