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Teleplan Globe @ Nødnett Days, 19-20 April

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The Nødnett Days takes place in Trondheim, Norway on April 19th - 20th 2016, and is the most important meeting point of the year for exchanging ideas, experiences and information about emergency communication in Norway.

Direktoratet for nødkommunikasjon

Teleplan Globe will attend the conference and you can find our representatives in the exhibition area at stand 6, right next to the registration counter - we hope to see you there!

Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anders Anundsen, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and former Director of the National Security Agency, now board member of Motorola Solutions, General Michael Hayden and CEO of Telenor Norway, Berit Svendsen are some of the speakers at the Nødnett Days 2016, in addition to many interesting and exciting talks and lectures by leading players in the field of critical communication.

It is with great enthusiasm and interest we at Teleplan Globe monitor the development of the critical communications market. We see that it is rapidly changing and adapting to an influx of data which can only benefit customer service and response times across the public safety and critical national infrastructure sectors. However, with change comes challenge and there are key questions which need to be addressed before the above becomes a reality.

Teleplan Globe's department of Homeland Security possess both extensive operational experience from the Norwegian police, as well as high technical system and application development expertise, and we see several important issues related to this evolution.

What kind of data is mission critical to the end user? What are the security risks? How much does it cost to efficiently capture and analyse data? And, one of the most prominent questions; how can the existing TETRA emergency network be utilized most efficiently and be customized and integrated with data applications of tomorrow?

Our application NORA is an example of how one can potentially combine the benefits of modern, platform-independent applications, mobile terminals and LTE technology with the robustness and security of the existing TETRA-based emergency network. All this to provide better situational awareness, information sharing and even exploit the opportunities of big data both for control rooms and operational personnel.

If you're interested in hearing our thoughts and getting to know our solutions and applications, meet us at stand 6 during this years Nødnett Days! Should you also be interested in setting aside time for a one to one meeting, don't hesitate to contact us - we're looking forward to seeing you!