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What is NDC and why should you attend?

Posted by Ove Bastiansen Jun 2, 2017 4:23:07 PM


What is NDC.pngNDC – The Norwegian Developers’ Conference – is as the name would suggest a developers’ conference, started in 2008 by ProgramUtvikling and Microsoft Norway. It has quickly grown to become the largest of its kind in northern Europe, and can boast of speakers from all around the globe. Following two days of workshops, the conference concludes with three days of talks by both well-known speakers as well as other experts from a variety of fields.

What will you learn?

The conference’s main focus is on .NET and Agile development, so prepare to learn a lot about those two – especially the new .NET Core 2.0 which is now open source. This year also has security as a red thread, with a bunch of speakers on the topic. Another main issue is the EU directive GDPR (General Data Protection Rights), and how to make sure you color within the lines of those new regulations.

We’ve put together a list of the ten talks we’re most excited for, so head over there for some recommendations.


What else can you look forward to?

In addition to talks small and large, expect to see a whole bunch of stands with representatives of various firms who’ll try to sell you on their new products, or give you their contact info if you need assistance with a project. It’s a great way to learn about the state of the business, as well as make fruitful new acquaintances.

In addition to the conference itself, a ticket also grants you access to a series of evening events. These range from coding workshops for your kids (if you have them), to networking on a cruise ship while eating copious amounts of shrimp.

For those of you who like to talk shop while slightly inebriated, the aptly named GeekBeer takes place on Tuesday after the conference, and is sure to include both attendants and speakers. The traditional NDC party kicks off on Thursday, featuring live music and good times in general. In short – we’re looking forward to all of it, and hope to see you there as well.

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By: Ove Bastiansen

Ove Bastiansen is a software engineer and system architect with more than 8 years of experience with advanced development and large deployments. He is currently System Architect at Teleplan Globe and Product Owner for CARMEN.

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