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Jørn Skilleås

Jørn Skilleås, Director Police and Homeland Security, is a former police superintendent and has extensive operational experience. With his background from both military and police K9 service he has expertise in rapid situation assessment and management, search and rescue as well as technical and tactical investigations and use of weapons as weapons instructor. He also has several years of experience from the Police Operations / Dispatch Center, and as an instructor at the National Police Academy.
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Foreign Affairs | NORA Video

NORA, our mobile command and control system is getting a lot of attention in different markets.
The system is already being used by several emergency services both in Norway and abroad, and has traditionally had a very tactical and operative approach for first responders. Now new user groups are starting to shows interest in the system, and it's especially features like secure, encrypted messenger and file sharing that have invoked their attention. The fact that the system is both platform and network independent, and can utilize everything from commercial LTE networks to TETRA and SATCOM also affects the current relevance.

In order to demonstrate the system's key features in a different context, we have made a product video that deals with a fictive but no less relevant international and operative diplomatic scenario.

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