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Top 6 Presentations at European Utility Week 2016

Posted by Ingar Evjen Oct 19, 2016 9:33:49 AM


Are you going to The European Utility Week that is taking place in Barcelona from 15th to 17th November this fall? Teleplan Globe will be present at booth number 3G153, where we will demonstrate the capabilities of our communications planning solutions.

This is also a unique opportunity to catch the latest  European trends in the Utility market. In order to get most out of the conference, we have studied the conference programme. From all the sessions, we have identified what we believe to be the most interesting and promising presentations related to communications planning for Smart Metering.

Top 6 Presentations

“A Relational Model: Value to the Consumer”

Wed 16 Nov 09:30 to 09:50

  • Presented in: Eco-districts: Laying Foundations for Sustainable & Smart Cities
  • Speakers: Hayes Jones, Customer Service and Operations Lead
  • US Department of Energy- EERE, Federal Energy Management Program

Why do we find this presentation interesting?

US Department of Energy plays an important role and we look forward to learn more about the barriers and challenges, as well as the success stories from the American energy market. The speaker, Hayes Jones, works as a customer service and operations lead at the US Department of Energy, and will present examples and successes from across the US. Throughout the presentation she will take a look at the role individuals play when trying to accomplish change in energy and watersaving projects.

“The Energy Business Models of the Future”

Wed 16 Nov 14:45 to 15:00

  • Presented in: Changing the Mindset
  • Speakers: Andy Perry, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Tempus Energy

Why do we find this presentation interesting?

Which are the difficulties related to corporate decisions, and which types of new business models are emerging in the energy industry?  This is something that is always important to learn more about, especially for a vendor of tools that aims to help the decision makers have a best possible overview prior to making their decisions.

“Opportunistic Prediction in Grid Operations”

Wed 16 Nov 09:30 to 09:50

  • Presented in: When Data Streams Become Revenue Streams
  • Speakers: Kaspar Kaarlep, Head of Digital Network Technology
  • Elektrilevi

Why do we find this presentation interesting?

How to predict in Grid Operations is a key element in order to get the best value of your grid investments. Kaspar will discuss how to unlock operational value in existing data with minimal effort, as well as compatibility of existing organizational structure with empirical prediction and the prerequisites for effective use of existing organizational structure.

“Mobile Low Power Wide Area Technologies for Utilities”

Thu 17 Nov 13:40 to 14:00

  • Presented in: Where the Power Grid & Telecom Network Meet
  • Speakers: Svetlana Grant, Project Director, Future IoT Networks, Connected Living Program
  • GSMA

Why do we find this presentation interesting?

When you promote solutions for planning mobile and RF networks, it is important to learn more about the new mobile technologies that will connect billions of devices in the future. Svetlana will present the capabilities of the new technologies and how they address the requirements of the utilities companies. She will also discuss the benefits of using LPWA based on the existing examples in the energy, smart cities and environmental markets.

“SUNSEED – Introduction, Evolutionary Approach to Robust Networking for Smart Grids, Main Findings”

Thu 17 Nov 13:00 to 13:20

  • Presented in: Where the Power Grid & Telecom Network Meet
  • Speakers: Aleš Švigelj, SUNSEED Scientific Coordinator/WP4 Leader
  • Jozef Stefan Institute

Why do we find this presentation interesting?

Robust networking is key to smart electricity distribution. In this presentation you’ll get an overview of the SUNSEED project, and developed solutions and main architecture for the distribution system observation, monitoring and forecasting. Aleš will also share the main finding of the SUNSEED project.

“Communication and ICT Requirements”

Wed 16 Nov 14:45 to 15:00

  • Presented in: Interoperability
  • Speakers: Seppo Horsmanheimo, Group Manager
  • VTT

Why do we find this presentation interesting?

Communications planning is key to Teleplan Globe, thus it is important for us to know what is required and what the challenges are, in order to create the best possible communications solutions for the future energy systems. Seppo Horsmanheimo from VVT, will share his insight on the new challenges for communications and security raised by flexible systems. He will also explain how to design communication solutions for future flexible energy systems.


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